Cortana voice assistant will be available in April to Lumia owners

| January 17, 2014

People keen on what is happening in the mobile world, and especially Windows Phone users are eagerly awaiting the announcement by Microsoft of its own voice assistant Cortana. It must compete with Google Now and Siri from Apple.Fans await the release because Microsoft has significant experience in the field of artificial intelligence and voice recognition.

Cortana voice assistant

A popular resource MSFTNerd hinted that the voice assistant available Lumia smartphones in beta form in April of this year. This may be due to the fact that in April 2014 to host a conference of developers Build, pursued by Microsoft, which usually represent new features for Windows Phone. Also rumored to be on the conference can present the user interface of the new version of Windows “Threshold”.

According to the source, the voice acting voice assistant for Windows Phone deals Jen Taylor, who voiced a character in a series Cortana Halo. It is expected that the voice assistant from Microsoft will also be available in the Bing app for iOS, console and Xbox One, most likely on Windows 9 “Threshold”. There is a possibility that the beta version will be available only to U.S. residents.

Below, you can see the intended use of voice assistant and a video demonstration of the expected features Cortana to recognize voice input.

“Bing Tell Me …”

– “… Will it rain today?”

– “… When’s my next meeting?”

– “… How do I get to the American Airlines Arena?”


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