oPhone: aromatic transfer messages using a smartphone

| January 25, 2014

Cell phones have long since learned to pass at a distance of text, audio and video. Now came the turn of odors. At least, so say the project participants oPhone, organized by the staff of the Paris center Le Laboratoire and students at Harvard University.

oPhone is a special accessory for a smartphone, cartridge containing aromatic substances. The device works in conjunction with a special mobile application oTracks, which must be installed on the cell unit sender.


The system works as follows. First by the sender chooses oTracks accessible collection of smell, which wants to send. On the receiver side the message is processed in oTracks, after which the team to generate the flavor is sent via Bluetooth wireless to oPhone.


Authors of the project expect that in the future the gadget can play up to 10 thousand different smells. It is assumed that the system is able to respond to these or other events: for example, when an incoming call from the second half will be generated by the fragrance of flowers. Theoretically, the device can be used with personal computers.


Unfortunately, none of the possible timing of the appearance of new items in the sale, nor on the estimated cost of developers are not reported.


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