MWC 2014 : mobile and stationary solutions for TP-Link Broadband

| February 28, 2014

On passing the MWC in Spain company TP-Link has introduced fixed and mobile wireless devices for consumers and businesses, which will be released this year. Among the new products can be distinguished M5360 Wireless Mobile Router with integrated 3G-modem, a slot for SIM-card and battery RowerBank 5200 mAh for long term use with the ability to charge mobile devices.

TP-Link Broadband-1
Categories of mobile devices has also been shown MR3050 wireless mobile router that supports USB-modems 3G and 4G LTE, provides high-speed wireless connection up to 150 Mbit / s on the road. MR3050 is also equipped with battery with RowerBank 5200 mA * h.

TP-Link Broadband-2

Mobile routers are increasingly becoming indispensable travel companion, allowing you to charge smartphones and tablets, to create a joint 4G-wireless connection, as well as co-Ethernet connection on arrival.

TP-Link Broadband-3

For home and small office TP-Link devices introduced advanced standard 802.11ac – wireless dual band gigabit router Archer C9 AC1900 and wireless dual band gigabit router Archer D7 AC1750 modem with integrated ADSL2 +. Specifically for network expansion standard 802.11as presents universal dual-band amplifier RE200 AC750.

TP-Link Broadband-4

A hybrid solution – a set of devices Hybrid WiFi H5KIT with support for Wi-Fi and Powerline – greatly simplifies the task of deploying a wireless network without dead zones.

TP-Link Broadband-5

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