MWC 2014 : the most stylish concept of smart watches – Ibis Dual Face

| February 28, 2014

First of all smart watches “should be a decoration, especially when you consider that the holder thereof may be representatives of the weaker sex” – the Finnish company Creoir Ltd, which took part in the international exhibition Mobile World Congress 2014.Following this principle designers and engineers presented their vision of a wearable gadget, and public display Ibis Dual Face Smart Watch. Concept devices all kind suggests that before you – elegant and expensive jewelry, and not a familiar and well-established in the minds of the sporty image of “smart watches”, which often focuses precisely on youth style. Professionalism designers Creoir confirmed experience in creating visual aspect devices for brands such as Nokia and the Finnish manufacturer Jolla.

Ibis Dual Face-1
“Watch» Ibis Dual Face – a symbiosis of technology and jewelery: appearance is a tasteful mixture of materials, such as stainless steel and glass. In this case, the functionality and specifications, according to founders foresaw a wearable device should go smoothly into the background, giving way to innovative design ideas.

Nevertheless, “smart watches» Ibis Dual Face can easily interact with the operating system iOS and Android, and will be equipped with wireless Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, and even port USB. Manage gadget made using touch OLED-display, and as a basic platform was chosen an adapted version of Android.

Ibis Dual Face-2

Ibis Dual Face also has a built-in accelerometer and electronic compass, which will allow the use of special application laid down in these options to control gestures, as well as programs that work with the definition of location.

Ibis Dual Face-3

Among Creoir confident that today’s market wearable devices focused only on building the technical specifications of gadgets, while they themselves “smart watches” lost elegance and aesthetics in its design component, turned into a kind of conventional plastic heart rate monitor. But many potential buyers of “smart watches” would like to see on my arm device not only in the gym, but in the corporate business environment, and most models available on the market heavily combined with strict style of clothing.

Regarding the timing of the appearance of Ibis Dual Face on sale, so far that the project is only in the concept stage and it is likely that in this state it will remain forever. No dates or information about the possible cost of the device official representatives Creoir was not stated.

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