MWC 2014 : Sundar Pichai of Google – on the Nokia X, Galaxy S6, Nexus and other

| February 28, 2014

Although Google has not been presented at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ​​but still did not ignore such a major event. Chapter Development Android and Chrome Sundar Pichai visited Barcelona and in the course of the visit gave some interesting comments in an interview with reporters.

Nokia X, Galaxy S6, Nexus-1
Speaking about the takeover WhatsApp social networking site Facebook and rumors of a deal with Google, he said firmly: «Google never made ​​proposals on takeover WhatsApp. This information is completely false. “ However, the truth is in everything – Google really discussed possible collaboration with WhatsApp, but it did not work out. Mr. Pichai said that Google’s interest will monitor the results of cooperation Facebook and WhatsApp. He expressed more enthusiasm for the deal than many people who have switched to competing messengers like Russia Telegram (just a few days active daily audience tripled).

Nokia X, Galaxy S6, Nexus-2

When asked about the head of Google Android-devices , which introduced the Finnish company Nokia, which is in fact already part of Microsoft, he laughed and said: “It is only once said that when we talk about a free operating system Android, we do not deceive , it really is. “However, he also said he did not understand until quite definitely Microsoft’s strategy of advancing Nokia X.

Speaking about the presence of malware on the platform Android, Mr. Pichai said that it is very flattering and due to the fact that the mobile platform is the most popular operating system in the world. He added: “If I ran the company, which develops malware, I would also like to direct their attacks primarily on Android.

Nokia X, Galaxy S6, Nexus-4

Referring to the new smartphone lineup Nexus, Sundar Pichai not happy those waiting novelty: “I can assure you it will not work in the first half of this year.” Well, let’s hope that expectations are met and Nexus 6 (if the unit is so called ) would be really attractive flagship.

Nokia X, Galaxy S6, Nexus-5

Concerning the cooling in relations between Google and Samsung, Sundar Pichai (Sundar Pichai) said that the reality is far more prosaic than represent different media. He denied rumors of friction between the companies, but remarked that he would prefer to use Android for Samsung wearable devices. As is known, the new generation Galaxy Gear hours was transferred to an open platform Tizen OS, the development of which is actively involved Samsung. However, Mr. Pichai assured that the flagship smartphone Galaxy S6 next year will continue to Android-device.

Nokia X, Galaxy S6, Nexus-3

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