CeBIT 2014: fitness trackers take the form of Bluetooth-headset

| March 12, 2014

Company Cosinuss shows in Germany at CeBIT 2014 original monitor the vital signs of the body C-SP 01, attached to the ear.

Cosinuss C-SP 01-1
Externally, the device looks like an ordinary phone Bluetooth-headset. However, in place of habitual speaker immersion type is a special optical sensor for detecting the heart rate to blood flow under the skin inside the ear.

Cosinuss C-SP 01-2

In the long term, as expected, the tracker will have additional sensors to determine other parameters, in particular, the level of blood oxygen saturation and body temperature.

Cosinuss C-SP 01-3

Auricular heart rhythm sensor, according Cosinuss, more convenient to use than other detectors such as a chest strap. The device will allow athletes to constantly take vital signs data on body during exercise, assessing the effectiveness of exercise and stress. Furthermore, the product can be useful in the rehabilitation of patients.

Tracker C-SP 01 can transmit information to a smartphone or tablet wirelessly Bluetooth Low Energy. The developer also promises support ANT + – wireless technology, secure data transmission, based on the use in sports equipment. Charging the Battery C-SP 01 will be through port Micro-USB.

The company expects to raise Cosinuss related to writing applications for its tracker interested third parties. In the sale of novelty must be received in the fourth quarter at a price of approximately 150 euros.

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