CeBIT 2014: Power supplies and body on the stand of Antec

| March 14, 2014

Antec’s visiting pavilion at the CeBIT in Hanover in 2014, our staff captured put up for public display new items from this company (mainly in the power supply).

Antec-1 Antec-2 Antec-3 Antec-4
For example, of the new products can be found ATX-compliant power supply series Edge. Below are pictures of models 750W, characterized modular design and quiet 135mm fan with white LED backlight (it can be disabled via a separate button). Antec Edge family consists of models denomination 550, 650, 750 and 850 W, corresponds to the standard ATX 2.4, supports power saving modes C6 and C7 chips Intel Haswell and can offer a 5 year warranty. Also worth noting is the efficiency to 92% (certificate 80 Plus Gold).



Additionally, you can contemplate the sheer size body Antec Nineteen Hundred format Super Mid Tower, which was established flagship PSU of High Current Pro HCP-1300 Platinum and liquid cooling system for CPU Antec Liquid KUHLER H2O 1250. Said HCP-1300 Platinum certification differs 80 Plus Platinum (efficiency up to 94%), power 1300 W, modular design, quiet and reliable 135-mm fan and a 7-year warranty period.



Also on the stand could see a compact body size ISK 600 Mini-ITX, made of 0.8 mm steel SECC, including one 3.5-inch, two 2.5-inch, one 5.25-inch bays. Nearby were located and less conspicuous body Antec series P, NSK and SDK.


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