Announced the release date of the last DLC for The Last of Us

| April 28, 2014

The third and final DLC for The Last of Us will be released in Europe on May 7. This studio Naughty Dog said in its official Twitter.

DLC for The Last of Us
As previously stated, this supplement focuses on players who want to diversify multiplayer content.
 However, in a single game will be little change – in particular, added a new level of complexity. According to the developers, the opponents will be ruthless and smarter, that much more difficult passage.

As for the online component, then it will be four new maps, as well as skills and weapons that you can try before purchasing in-game currency. Buying sets of weapons and abilities can be individually (then each of them will cost $ 3.99), but the Season Pass still seems more profitable acquisition, because it provides access to all the DLC. It should be noted that since May 13, season ticket sales cease PS Store.

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