ASIMUT: navigation without the use of satellite receivers

| April 15, 2014

Companies Movea SA and Tronics Microsystems SA, CEA and alternative energy sources in France (CEA), as well as consulting firm EASII IC, specializing in matters of military and aerospace industries, presented a draft of a new generation navigation platform ASIMUT.

Satellite systems like GPS can effectively navigate in open spaces, but indoor signal usually weakens or disappears completely. In addition to the work of such systems can arise global failures, as recently with GLONASS.

Project ASIMUT (short for Advanced and Smart Inertial Measurement Unit) is designed to be able to navigate in all conditions, including where signal GPS / GLONASS simply unavailable. The main component of the platform will be carried by a special unit with a microprocessor and a set of sensors to determine the movements of the user and its orientation in space. For the provision of such sensors – accelerometers and gyroscopes – will respond Tronics Microsystems SA.


Another element of the platform will be customized software with sophisticated algorithms work, performing analysis and calculation of the indicators filmed current location, as well as speed and direction. Software Development assigned to Movea SA.

It is assumed that the navigation unit will be paired with a smartphone or tablet to interact with that will wireless Bluetooth-connection.

ASIMUT project for three years, during which its implementation will spend about $ 8.5 million prototyping portable navigation units will EASII IC. The first fruits of the work must be demonstrated in mid-2015.

It is expected that in the future the system ASIMUT help rescuers and police during operations in emergency situations. Moreover, the development can be used in augmented reality complexes, etc.


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