At Apple’s WWDC 2014 will be presented a platform to manage smart home

| May 27, 2014

The conference Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2014, which will be held in San Francisco from 2 to 6 June, is expected to demonstrate the new mobile gadget under the brand Apple. The American company will focus on software and show rumored possibility iOS operating systems 8 and OS X 10.10. Among other things, according to the Financial Times, citing anonymous sources, the iPhone maker will introduce its own software platform to manage “smart” home.

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It is assumed that the new technology, which will be launched on the “apple” smartphones and tablets, enables mobile devices to control lighting, appliances and various security systems in the house. As an example, the publication brings automatic lights on in the room at the time when an iPhone user comes to the threshold of the house.

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By the new platform will be connected and set-top box Apple TV – or rather, its upgraded version, the output of which is expected before the end of this year. It is possible that the system can be paired with a Bluetooth-beacons iBeacon, which are now used by retail chains to transmit relevant and useful data on the iOS-gadgets.

According to media reports, Apple is already working with some producers of devices for systems of “smart” home. Probably, these companies will have to obtain a license to create a new electronics on conditions similar to those provided program MFi (Made for iPhone).

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The interest to Apple “smart” homes became aware of numerous patent applications that the company filed earlier. Many of them use voice assistant Siri, which can remind the user about various things – the need for taking medication before switching off the light. It is assumed that the phone will read information from multiple sensors installed in the house. They will help to put the house on the alarm, run appliances and more.

Development of solutions for home automation corporation engaged also Google. Earlier this year it acquired the company Nest Labs, is letting efficient thermostats, smoke detectors and carbon dioxide, for $3.2 billion.

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