Google has patented laptop compartment for your smartphone

| May 20, 2014

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office issued a patent to Google № 8,649,821, entitled «Notebook computer and cell phone assembly» (set of laptop and cell phone).


The search giant offers laptop computers equipped with a special section, which can be inserted in your smartphone. In itself, this idea is not new – witness the device Motorola Atrix station LapDock and ASUS Padfone. However, the patent Google describes several different purpose such ligaments.

The fact is that if these devices are Motorola and ASUS smartphone plays the role of “think tank” for the docking station. Google has patented a design in which the laptop and cellular device can function independently of each other. At the same time after placing your smartphone docking compartment laptop computer will have access to the latest cellular modem and be able to communicate via the mobile network.

The proposed scheme may be justified under the cloud model works when the user interacts primarily with web applications and online services. In this case, would be sufficient with respect to the low-power laptop, say, Chromebooks, which is to maintain a constant connection to the Internet will be able to use a smartphone owner, placed in the docking bay.

However, details on Google’s plans to operationalize the patented design has not yet been reported.


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