New AMD Radeon R9 flagship this summer

| May 12, 2014

Generalizing information published thematic resources, expanding their information from one of the partners for the production of AMD 3D-card, the source said the company plans to release a new flagship model in the summer lineup Radeon R9.

Novelty, which will replace the model AMD Radeon R9 290X, will intercept the title most productive uniprocessor 3D-card from Nvidia GeForce GTX 780 Ti .

It is unknown whether the basis of the new 3D-card option is used now GPU Hawaii or brand new GPU, possibly bearing the code name of Iceland.

Presumably, the map will be called Radeon R9 295X. It may find application memory HBM (High Bandwidth Memory), which is characterized by high throughput and low power consumption, achieved new layout chips. There are three options layout: 2Hi, 4Hi and 8Hi. The first option will be used 4Hi, in which four memory chips form a module 1GB showing bandwidth of 128 GB / s. Installing the board four modules can get 4 GB of memory and bandwidth of 512 GB / s.

AMD Radeon R9-1

Application HBM allow multiple indicator improve throughput per unit of energy.

AMD Radeon R9-2

Graphical output HBM appearance is at the beginning of the second half.

AMD Radeon R9-3

Allegedly, after being produced now by TSMC on 28-nanometer process technology GPU Hawaii (architecture Volcanic Islands 1.0) for the second half will come GPU Iceland and Tonga (Volcanic Islands 2.0). They, too, will be released on 28-nanometer technology, but all subsequent GPU AMD will release GlobalFoundries. Judging by coincidence timing, Iceland and Tonga may be the first GPU, designed for memory HBM.

In the first half of 2015 will turn 28-nanometer GPU Maui (Volcanic Islands 2.0), while in the second half of the year should see the 20-nanometer GPU Fiji and Treasure, which will serve as the basis for a new architecture Pirate Islands. The first half of 2016 called for a period of 20-nanometer appearance GPU Bermuda (Pirate Islands 1.0). In the second half of the same year will see the light of the first 14-nanometer GPU AMD. Their code names are not yet known. According to the source, this will be the representatives of primary and secondary segments architecture Pirate Islands 2.0. In the first half of 2017 will join them high end models.

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