10-nanometer processors Intel Cannonlake can go in 2016

| June 6, 2014

By year end, the market will begin to reach a new generation of Intel processors, code-named Broadwell,-manufactured on an advanced 14-nanometer technology. In the second half of 2015 the company these chips will be 14-nanometer products Skylake, differing improved graphics engine, DDR3 memory support and DDR4, and the lack of an integrated voltage regulator.

Intel Cannonlake-1

Now available online sources was information about the processors codenamed Cannonlake, which should become the successor Skylake.

It is reported that the production Cannonlake, Intel uses a new process technology with the norms of 10 nanometers. Transition to this process technology will reduce energy consumption and improve performance compared to products generation Skylake.

To work with Cannonlake need motherboard chipset Union Point 200-Series. The new platform will support RAM DDR4.

Intel Cannonlake-2

It is noted that if Intel will not have serious difficulties with the introduction of 10-nanometer process technology, the output of desktop and mobile processors Cannonlake market will start in 2016.

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