Android-App appears on Chrome OS

| June 26, 2014

Google strives to make Chrome OS platform Android and more intimate – this means that in the future Android-applications can run on Chromebooks. “We are still at an early stage,” – said the head of Chrome Sundar Pichai at presentation during the opening of the conference Google I / O.

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However, the head of Google did not say when this feature will appear in the Chrome OS, although it demonstrated the work on Chromebooks Android-application Evernote, Flipboard and Vine. Applications can be called as a narrow windows with smartphone interface, and in tablet form.

After Mr. Pichai also headed besides Chrome division Android, assumptions and rumors have spread that eventually launch Android-applications will become possible under the Chrome OS. Of course, there are some difficulties in this concept: Android-application created with an eye on touch screens, and most Chromebooks such displays are not allowed.

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However, Chrome OS works with touch screens with the launch of the flagship Chromebooks Google Pixel in February last year, but not all web sites and applications optimized for fingers. And the touch screen is still not a mandatory feature of new devices based on Chrome OS.

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In early June, Google introduced within the Chromium project Athena, who talks about big changes coming sensory aspects of Chrome OS: A virtual keyboard appears based interface cards in the spirit of Google Now a new kind of application launcher panel. In general, it seems that touch input becomes increasingly important part of Chrome OS. Certainly more Chromebooks will be equipped with touch screens.

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In addition to the possibility of launching Android-Google applications reported that Chrome OS will be able to display a notification in the future from the connected Android-smartphone (the latter can also be used for user authentication and simplified release Chromebooks).

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