Android Auto – Google’s response to Apple CarPlay

| June 26, 2014

Google, finally told the details of his plans to withdraw Android, the leading mobile operating system, the automotive market. The platform will be named Android Auto. Android users will find plenty of familiar, but Google has tried to rework all with an eye on the cars.

The company notes that Android Auto aware of the context, the necessary outputs at the right time user information, optimized for voice control (in dialog mode), so as not to distract from driving. However, there is a touch input, and control using the buttons. During the development of Android Auto aim was to create a system, the interaction with which it would be possible to safely while driving.

Android Auto-1

As is clear from the above description, Android Auto actively uses Google Now personal assistant to create a safe and comfortable environment. The system provides quick access to the voice navigation Google Maps, text messages and applications like Google Play Music. Android Auto is fully compatible with the controls on the dashboard and steering wheel of the car.

Android Auto-2

It is worth noting that Android Auto, as Apple CarPlay, is not an independent platform – everything that happens on the screen actually transmitted from a smartphone. Google notes that the car environment will be better to work on a more powerful smartphone. Set of developer tools will be available soon, but for now the company introduced the first few partners that include Spotify, Pandora, MLB.TV, Stitcher and Pocket Casts.

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Earlier this year, Google, NVIDIA, Audi, General Motors, Honda and Hyundai reported an alliance Open Automotive Alliance (OAA), stating the purpose of transport vehicles in Android to create a safer, more intuitive interface and solid infotainment systems on modern vehicles. Now Google first shared details about the developments OAA.

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During the conference Google I / O is not just talked about the unification of their platforms with the release of Android L . This seems to be true: in addition to the OS version for tablets and smartphones, a new attempt to exit the TV market with Android TV , began the conquest of wearable electronics market with Android wear , announced the appearance of Android-apps in Chrome OS , and finally made ​​a serious bid for the presence in the automotive segment. Visually unify all its platforms and services together with Google is going through a new philosophy interfaces Material Design .

Android Auto-6

Automotive technology Google will become a direct competitor to Apple CarPlay , which provides iPhone owners familiar interface while driving. In CarPlay also provides access to voice messages iOS, navigation capabilities and supported third-party applications like Spotify, Beats Music and MLB.TV. Incidentally, in April, Microsoft also introduced its own similar platform Windows for cars.

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By the way, a number of automakers, along with support Apple CarPlay also Android Auto, so users probably be able to work with a particular platform, depending on the smartphone. Anyway, after many years of stagnation in the field of automotive infotainment systems is very encouraging to see the excitement.

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As promised Google, operating system Android L will fall, and the first cars with support for Android Auto – closer to the end of the year. Google promises to support the emergence of Android Auto in infotainment systems, a number of automakers:

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