Apple introduced new tariffs for iCloud users and developers

| June 11, 2014

At the last developer conference WWDC 2014, Apple announced the changes made to the work of iCloud cloud services to stop the user migration to competitive solutions. Purchase a new device by clicking from one platform to another is not difficult, and to transfer data from one ecosystem to another more difficult, which provides user loyalty.

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New features and enhancements pricing policy will be beneficial for both users and developers. As you know, each account is allocated only 5 GB of free cloud space, which is quite simple to fill. Previously an annual subscription for $ 20 you can get 10 GB of additional space for $ 40 – and 20GB for $ 100 – 50 GB. Dropbox for comparison for the same $ 100 provides 100 GB and Google Drive for $ 120 already provides the user with 1 TB storage.

Under the new pricing policy space iCloud cloud expansion to 20 GB will cost users 99 cents a month, and up to 200 GB – $ 3.99. In the future, will also be offered a package of 1 TB, but its cost is still unknown. As a result, Apple offers began to look much more attractive than its competitors. At the same iCloud – not just store: Service has deep integration with iOS devices and Mac, and also provides a suite of web applications Numbers, Pages and Keynote on the website

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Developers will also be able to take advantage of iCloud Drive for storage and synchronization of their applications. Shareware became service CloudKit, but has the following limitations: a standalone application immediately gets 5 GB of disk space and 50 MB for the database, each new user increases its quota, respectively, 100 and 1 MB. Also, set limits on the intensity of use of the cloud space: 25 MB per day for storage and 250 KB per day for the database. Once the user expands the boundaries of 0.5 MB and 5 Kbytes, respectively.

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The volume of free iCloud services within each application can expand the aforesaid formula up to 1 PB under storage and 10 TB for database with up to 5 TB and 50 GB, respectively. If you focus on the cost of services provided within the service Amazon Simple Storage, Apple is ready to provide developers with a savings of up to $ 40,000 per month.

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