Computex 2014: New case and power supply units Chieftec

| June 9, 2014

At Computex 2014, and introduced their new Taiwanese company Chieftec, whose products are of reasonable price and good quality.

Compact housing BT-04 series is designed for UMI Motherboard format ITX. There are two positions: horizontal and vertical. On the aluminum front panel provides power button, two USB 3.0 ports and audio ports. It may be black or white – the photographs captured light model BT-04SL-U3.


Case dimensions are 235 × 135 × 320 mm, optional 80mm fan at the front and two 60-mm rear coolers. Interior space accommodates the power supply, slim optical drive and the disk subsystem of 3.5 “and 2.5” drive or two 2,5 “HDD / SSD. Graphics card and can be set, as can be seen in the photo.


Was shown another building, which has not yet gone on sale. It is made in a standard format Midi Tower, has a front door, behind which are hidden drives, and audio ports are placed on top, a pair of USB 3.0 and two USB 2.0, as well as a pocket for connecting a hard drive and fan speed control, front and top coolers. No ventilation grilles on the side covers, but there are top and front. And all of them are equipped with removable dust filters. Corpus advance features a 5 fans.


All the fixtures for mounting components are self-contained and does not require any screws or screwdrivers. The chassis can hold up to 6 drives, which are provided with removable basket sled.


Another novelty was presented PSU Series A-90 – with models 550, 650 and 750 watts. This rule differs from the present market Navitas only lack of support for the European standard voltage of 110 V. As a consequence, they have not received certification 80PLUS Gold – Chieftec instead uses its own marking 90 + GOLD, which indicates that most of the load range of the CAP will be close to 90%.


Power supplies comply with Intel Haswell, support specification ATX 2.3, endowed with modular cable management and long wires, use a technology called a single bus +12 V with a current of 54 to 104 A, that allows you to not worry about the distribution of power in computers with multiple video accelerators or PCI-cards.


Installed low-noise 140mm fan with variable speed and maximum speed of 1500 rev / min. Provides protection from changing the voltage, short circuit, overload, over-current and temperature rise.

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