Computex 2014: three PSU EVGA 1600 W

| June 9, 2014

It seems that the market known manufacturer of power supplies for personal computers in the face of the principle EVGA “excess capacity does not happen.” That’s according to the unofficial slogan may be entitled to stand firm PSUs at Computex 2014. During the event representatives EVGA demonstrated three new models, the rated power of each of which is a very impressive 1600 watts.

PSU EVGA 1600 W-1

Announced lineup Supernova line is, though of the same on the declared rated power devices, but at the same time belonging to different energy efficiency standards. The first model, designated as EVGA Supernova 1600 G2, meets all the requirements of 80 Plus Gold.

PSU EVGA 1600 W-2

Modification EVGA Supernova 1600 index P2 already belongs to a category of devices with advanced energy efficiency class 80 Plus Platinum. This means that the “Platinum” power unit has efficacies equaling 90%, 92% and 89% (at 115) depending on the current load level – 20%, 50% or 100%.

As for the most interesting model corresponding certificate 80 Plus Titanium, then it became a power supply EVGA Supernova 1600 T2 with the following energy efficiency – 92%, 94% and 90% corresponding to the load and all the same 115 watts.

PSU EVGA 1600 W-3

As is usually the case with power supply units of this level, all three devices have a fully modular cabling performance.

PSU EVGA 1600 W-4

Unfortunately, EVGA previously announced cost only EVGA Supernova 1600 G2. It should be $ 350 with a 10 year warranty on the product from the manufacturer. As for P2 and T2, then the level of pricing for the equipment remains unknown. However, given the extremely professional direction provided power supply units, hardly even inflated price tag make refuse to buy more advanced models range Supernova 1600. Moreover, devices with similar characteristics will be exclusively for subsequent installation in modern workstations and HPC PC.

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