E3 2014: New trailer and a 15-minute demonstration of the gameplay Alien: Isolation

| June 14, 2014

Sega brought the company at E3 2014 demo of its promising horror Alien: Isolation , which is engaged in the creation of British studio Creative Assembly. In anticipation of the show developers have submitted a fresh two-minute trailer, in which the heroine of the game Amanda, the daughter of Lieutenant Ripley, tells of the horrors things happening in an abandoned space station “Sevastopol”.

Alien Isolation-1

In the video titled Survive («Lost”) displayed some of the most tense moments that players will have to survive. Most of the time devoid of weapons – only with a flashlight, scanner movements and gas burner – character will wander through the dark corridors of the station, knowing that at any time can become easy prey to its main (but not, apparently, not the only) of the enemy. At the end of the trailer creators allow more time to see Alien in full growth – however, moments of direct collision with a stranger, according to the artist-animator Simon Ridge project (Simon Ridge) , are not the most terrible in the game. The conclusions about the visual side not rush – the authors claim that continue to improve the schedule.

Alien Isolation-2

During the exhibition, journalists invited IGN to his pavilion Alistair Hope (Alistair Hope), creative director of Creative Assembly. As shown them the 15-minute demo Amanda explores dark space station, constantly glancing at the detector and hiding in case of danger. Here and there she would have to apply and his hacking skills to manage the station via the onboard computer. Promise not to overflow the game scripted moments developers, apparently, can not hold: for example, at the beginning of the road roller covers heroine fiery stream, and she has to look for a workaround.

Alien Isolation-3

Amanda weapons appear to be enough – but without the cost of laser pistols and rifles. Some enemies can pick up a gun with a couple of rounds, and at some point it will arm even a flamethrower and electromagnetic grenades. Fragment from the middle of the roller (8:50-9:50) clearly proves that if you want a thriller about a defenseless girl pursued invincible monster, you can turn into a real shooter with an arsenal of weapons, and in such battles Amanda is not inferior to his mother. Although a collision with a stranger heroine, of course, no means of self-defense will not save.

In an April interview with the developers noted that thinking about implementing support Oculus Rift helmet , and still made ​​a choice in favor of this decision . Russian release of Alien: Isolation is scheduled for October 7 this year in versions for PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Xbox 360 (in Russian “1C-SoftKlab” translate only version for computers and systems Sony).

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