E3 2014 Twitch helped set the record for the number of viewers

| June 19, 2014

In the “zero” day E3 2014, held in Los Angeles on June 10-12, streaming service Twitch set a new record for the number of spectators. Total per night broadcast looked 5.9 million unique viewers, and the maximum number of people who were watching the event occurs by means of this platform was 405,029. This was reported in the official blog Twitch .

For all four days of the exhibition broadcast events seeing 12 million unique users. It was sold over 151 thousand sets of Humble Bundle E3 Digital Ticket on the open market, including a set of games and a month free subscription to Twitch Turbo, so that was donated to charity more than $ 185 thousand.

In addition, on June 12 the company’s executives received two certificates “Guinness Book of Records.” The first one was awarded for a record number of simultaneous viewers broadcast pertaining to video games (826,778), and the second – for the largest number of participants in the single-player online (1165140). The second record was set during the social experiment called Twitch Plays Pokemon, in which c 12 February to 1 March this year, gamers collectively played a role play Pokemon Red for Game Boy 1996 release, driving the same character.


This year Twitch first became an official partner of the most important events for the gaming industry. Service not only broadcast of the conference Sony, Microsoft, Ubisoft and Electronic Arts (as well as Nintendo Digital Event), but also exclusive games shows and interviews with developers along with GameTrailers, IGN, Gamespot, and Spike TV. Services platform benefited twenty companies, including Activision, Bethesda, Sega, Square Enix, Crytek, 2K Games and CD Projekt RED, and all through the service has been demonstrated 55 games. Nintendo was the only exhibitor, to abandon the use Twitch to broadcast their games in favor of his official site.


“Thanks to our centralized platform and collaboration with the American Association of Software and computer games (ESA), we helped our partners to get the maximum benefit from their presence at E3 2014, and figures perfectly illustrate the results of these efforts – said vice-president of marketing Twitch Matthew di Pietro (Matthew Di Pietro). – As a result of our service users could virtually attend at the forefront of meeting rooms and watch everything that happened at the event. “


Twitch Service was founded in June 2011 as an offshoot of the gaming platform Justin.tv and for all time of its existence, has received about $ 35 million investment. Last year the average monthly audience platform reached 45 million unique users, not counting about a million people who carry out their own broadcasts. In April this year the service has bypassed the other sites of the same orientation on the share of network traffic in the U.S. and play the stream became more popular sports . In May, The Wall Street Journal reported that Google has started talks to buy Twitch for $ 1 billion , but no official comment on the matter is still not forthcoming.

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