E3 is a console show and not right for Windows PC

| June 17, 2014

Have you noticed that at a press conference during the exhibition Microsoft E3 2014 PC Game spared? We, of course, showed multi-platform projects, but all the attention was focused on the corporation console Xbox One.

E3 2014

Head of Microsoft Studios Phil Spencer (Phil Spencer) says that the refusal to discuss Windows-games – this is not an oversight, but a very deliberate strategy. According to him, PC games have no place at E3, which is “entirely a console show.” On the other hand, he hastened to assure players that the company is still interested in PC gaming market and it remains an important segment of the Economic Planning Microsoft.

“I’m the boss gaming division Microsoft, – says Spencer. – Study of the development strategy of the game business, planning marketing campaigns, the choice of the main ways of the gaming development – my job. You can argue that the PC gaming market has never been so profitable. The world’s largest projects like League of Legends or World of Tanks leave it on the PC. I agree with this! But do not forget that E3 – this show is dedicated to retail. “

Goods for retailers – that the priority of the exhibition. And continue to dominate the retail consoles and games for them. “Development of Windows as a gaming platform is critical for us, but E3 – not a place for discussion of this segment of our business – continues Phil Spencer. – Console Xbox – our main gaming brand and we wanted to dedicate our maximum prefix show time. “

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