Google Cardboard: VR helmet made of cardboard

| June 27, 2014

Web conference, Google Inc. Google I / O introduced a highly original design – a virtual reality helmet Cardboard, which can be assembled literally from scrap materials.

Google Cardboard-1

Cardboard is a cardboard frame, a pair of lenticular lenses, magnets and fasteners “Velcro”. Additionally, the product may be equipped with a wireless chip high short-range communication NFC.

Google offers instructions explaining how the size of a piece of cardboard to make 22h56 cm frame for future helmet. Further, in the special slot to install the lens and in front of them to put a smartphone operating system Android.

Google Cardboard-2

At the cellular device you want to install the free app Cardboard. It is intended for display on smartphone two images – for left and right eyes. When viewed through a cardboard helmet creates 3D-effect.

Google Cardboard-3

Cardboard can be used, for example, when working with service Street View or video sharing YouTube.

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