Google Fit – the answer to Apple Healthkit

| June 26, 2014

Developers Conference in Los Angeles, Google introduced a platform Fit, which by analogy with Microsoft HealthVault, Apple Healthkit and Samsung SAMI will collect and compile data from biometric sensors, fitness devices and medical devices like scales, blood pressure monitors, blood flow meters, level Blood glucose and so forth.

Google Fit-1 Google Fit-2

Google Fit will serve not only as a means of consolidation, but also data about the health and athletic achievements between applications and devices. Users can customize the permissions to their biometric data, as well as selectively delete information.

Google Fit-3

Google Fit-4

The company reported the names of a number of partners supporting platform Google Fit, including Nike, Adidas, Withings, RunKeeper and Basis. In the coming weeks will be available to developers SDK.

Google Fit-5

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