No, Google Isn’t Going To Kill Its Nexus Devices

| June 27, 2014

After the announcement of the event Google I / O program Android One , aimed at improving the quality of low-end phones, one might think that this is the previously mentioned Android Silver , change the “vector”. That she allegedly had become a kind of successor program Nexus, displacing the last of the company’s plans.


But a new piece of information once again confuses the card and does not understand what is conceived to Google. First, it is worth noting that not a word about the concept of Android Silver at the last event has not been told. But since the idea was announced platform Android One was very similar to that voiced earlier in the Network as a Silver (less that One is aimed at the opposite segment), one could assume that it is one and the same program. Second, just last week, LG representative confirmed the lack of work on the Nexus 6.

And now the chief engineer units to develop Android Dave Burke (Dave Burke) in an interview with the resource ReadWrite said that despite the program Android Silver, Google does not finish work on devices Nexus. Thus Burke spoke again it was about Android Silver, and not One, and among other things has denied all the information about the fact that the search giant turns working on Nexus.

According to him, Google has yet to invest in the program and work on Nexus Android Silver does not mean leaving the existing program. Unfortunately, no specific information not provided Burke. There was not even clarified regarding new device Nexus, for we know that it still happen, but it will be a tablet. And it was previously assumed that this will be the last line of the device Nexus.

Thus, if to summarize all the information, we can assume that the program Android Silver has nothing to do with the One and Google will promote two similar concepts in opposite segments of the market. In addition, from this it follows that we still have a chance to see the new smartphone lineup Nexus, running Android L. But here it is worth noting the fact that Burke did not mention that Google is working on a smartphone. Maybe all of his speech dealt line tablets.

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