Google to target Amazon’s and Apple’s set-top boxes with Android TV

| June 27, 2014

The event Google I / O search giant “hit” on all fronts. Besides Android L , were presented platform and Android Wear designs for wearable electronics, Android Auto Car, Android TV for TV, One Android smartphone budget for promotion, Google Fit for collecting various “fitness-oriented” information and Material Design, which takes all all of the above to a single style. In general, according to Google, you should have something like shown in the video below.

Android TV-1

Looks plausible now. In fact, Google wants to implement his system in some of its forms in all that is possible. We already talked about many things from the list above. This time it will be about Android TV. Yes, it is a modification of the operating system, focused on video. The user of such a device can install applications from the Play Store. Naturally, almost all of the basic idea – the game. In fact, now do not need to buy a separate console, it will replace the television itself. Of course, this should be based on a fairly productive platform, but we have already seen, even those on the Tegra K1 . The funny thing is that soon may come to a situation where users will choose TVs not only based on the diagonal and picture quality, but given the platform performance and memory size, as is the case with smartphones and tablets.

Android TV-2

To manage such a TV can be used not only control, but also a smartphone or tablet and even watch with Android Wear. And for the games will be able to connect directly to the TV gamepad. Also this scenario can be purchased stand-alone device with Android TV, connect to the TV and use the same function. But in this case it is exactly the same consoles with Android, which is now sold only with a new shell.

We should also highlight the function of co-op games. Platform allows you to play together when they man uses TV and other plays on the tablet or smartphone.

Android TV-3

This year will enter the market “smart” TV production of a new generation Sony, Sharp and Philips. LG and Samsung so far away as promote their own platform (WebOS and Tizen).

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