New DX11-benchmark 3DMark Sky Diver ready for testing laptops and medium gaming PCs

| June 12, 2014

The company Futuremark announced the launch of a new test in the Sky Diver Sky Diver for PC, on which we have already written on the eve of the Computex 2014. All users 3DMark (at the moment – more than a million people) will be able to get Sky Diver as a free upgrade. In this limited time price 3DMark Advanced Edition on Steam has been reduced by 60%.

DX11-benchmark 3DMark Sky Diver-1 DX11-benchmark 3DMark Sky Diver-2
Sky Diver test is designed for laptops and PCs medium with support for DirectX 11. The new stage uses tessellation, particle physics and advanced post-processing effects. According to the developers, it is perfectly suited for systems which can not provide more than 10 frames / s in more demanding test Fire Strike. In general, such an algorithm Futuremark offers the use of tests (scores between both DX11-tests can not be compared):

  • if the system is gaining less than 2,800 points in Fire Strike, better test it in Sky Diver;
  • if the PC provides more than 12,000 points in the Sky Diver, better run Fire Strike.

DX11-benchmark 3DMark Sky Diver-3

Sky Diver demonstration includes two graphics tests (primarily investigated the load on GPU), physics test (estimated possible CPU) and the combined test (loaded and the CPU, and GPU).

DX11-benchmark 3DMark Sky Diver-4

NVIDIA video card owners, developers strongly recommend that you install the latest drivers:

  • Desktop PC – GeForce 335.23 WHQL for Win7/8.1 x32 and x64 Win 7/8.1 ;
  • Laptops – GeForce 335.23 WHQL for Win7/8.1 x32 and x64 Win 7/8.1 .

In some scenes 3DMark Sky Diver logo can be seen ASUS. This is no accident: the Taiwanese company is the official sponsor. Futuremark notes that sponsors support allows you to 3DMark Basic Edition free for users.

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