Nintendo: “Twitch-broadcast – it’s not fun”

| June 16, 2014

Despite the signing of a partnership agreement with Twitch , the Japanese company at the last moment refused streaming integration service in Wii U. In Nintendo believe that “this is not fun.”


In an interview at E3 2014, Reggie Fils-Aime, president and chief operating officer of the American division of the company, said that the opening of such a service would be going contrary to the philosophy of Nintendo.

“We do not think that streaming broadcast 30 minutes of gameplay itself is a bit of fun – Reggie said, adding that this does not mean refusal to cooperate with Twitch. – We look to the future and are willing to do a lot of interesting things. Our broadcast Nintendo Treehouse Live (via Twitch) at E3 attracted a large number of viewers, we saw fantastic figures. But here’s a simple translation of games consumers that this interesting? ”

Note that Mario Kart 8 allows upload videos of their races on YouTube using the Mario Kart TV. But again, Fils-Aime believes that this example is not indicative. According to him, the exchange of rollers “is one of the highlights of the racing game” and to the rest of the projects, this approach is not applicable.

In general, it is, unfortunately, very often lately is now Nintendo, the position is very strange and detached from reality. Millions of players believe that Twitch – it’s fun. Just look at the statistics and will understand everything. For some Nintendo prefers to go against the tide.

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