PS4-exclusive Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture got a new trailer and details

| June 16, 2014

Based in the British city of Brighton The Chinese Room studio released a new teaser trailer for their adventure game Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, and also revealed new information about the project. This unusual PS4-exclusive created in collaboration with a team of Sony Santa Monica, and participating in the development of The Order: 1886 and Hohokum .

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Minute video virtually nothing about the game itself, but lets look at the possibilities of the graphics engine on the example of a single location. “Anyone who is already familiar with the games of our studio [The Chinese Room – authors Dear Esther and Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs – approx. ], it is well known that we specialize in story-oriented games – wrote in PlayStation Blog Jessica Curry (Jessica Curry), a leading developer of games and composer. – Above all, we put a rich, deep world with a dramatic history and overall quality of our ideas. ”

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The creation Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture developers inspired works of British writers John Wyndham (John Wyndham), James Ballard (JG Ballard) and John Christopher (John Christopher), in which, according to Curry, “describes ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances.” The game takes place in June 1984 (and this year is chosen by chance) in the valley Yaton (Yaughton) English county of Shropshire, located far away from major cities. In the center of events – six characters, each of which tells a different story against the backdrop of what is happening doomsday. The plot will be supplied as unusual ways, as in Dear Esther – a game that, according to many, changed its approach to storytelling in video games.

“Our goal – to create a virtual world that would delay the players head – continued Curry. – Valley Yaton will live my life – it’s not just a backdrop for the event, and a full character in the game. Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture – primarily about the discovery of the game. There will be a full open world that you can explore while visiting locations in the order in which you want. Narrative mechanisms that we use to create story component, completely unique to video games. All your decisions will have a direct impact on the world around us. ”

First the development Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture , it was announced in July 2012, but then the game was a little different concept. Initially, the authors intended to create a game about the last moments before the end of the world pastime which would be limited to 60 minutes. Apparently, in the current version of the time limit on e cleaned and accent with great potential repetition moved to a thorough study of the open world. The exhibition Gamescom in August last year the studio announced that the game will be released exclusively on the PlayStation 4. Its release is expected next year.

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