Safari in iOS 8 can use the camera to read the data on credit cards

| June 9, 2014

At WWDC 2014, Apple introduced the beta version of iOS 8 , access to which is already open to developers. On major innovations was told on the presentation itself, but the improvements made do not end there.

Safari in iOS 8-1

One of the small but useful innovation was the function of mobile Safari Web browser to scan your credit card using the camera device that saves users from having to manually populate the fields when making online purchases.

Safari in iOS 8-2

Previously, when a data entry form, credit card Safari prompts users to select previously stored information about the credit card section Passwords & AutoFill. Now we have an additional option Scan Credit Card, which is activated after selecting the camera and you’ll see the characteristic contours, helping to photograph the card correctly, which is not yet stored in the user database. Then by OCR Safari introduces the read data in the appropriate fields. This method can be used to store information about the new cards in the settings section Passwords & AutoFill.

From the viewpoint of the site owners, of course, no action is required to support this feature – Safari automatically detects when you need to enter your credit card, and allows you to call described the possibility of using the pop-up keyboard.

Mobile Safari browser also received highly demanded choice full version of the site and display mode tabs for iPad.

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