Synaptics fingerprint sensors may be used in Samsung wearables in 2015

| June 6, 2014

Samsung recently spoke about their intentions in the near future to equip smartphones cheap fingerprint scanners. And in the next year, according to the head of Synaptics Rick Bergman (Rick Bergman), these sensors will appear in wearable electronics devices segment, particularly in the “smart” clock.


Bergman’s words can be assumed that the first such technology is likely to introduce Samsung. At least the head of Synaptics said that to implement the fingerprint scanner on a curved surface is not a problem. At least for today Samsung is the only company who released a similar device with a curved screen ( Gear Fit ).

Besides Bergman said that the company will present in the second half of the year fingerprint sensors, scanning immediately all necessary surface finger (like iPhone 5s). Synaptics presently owns 90% of the market fingerprint scanners in the smartphone market. As for the cooperation with the company Apple, web rumors that Synaptics plans to acquire Renesas, which supplies and giant their sensors.

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