It’s Tegra K1 Everywhere at Google I/O

| June 27, 2014

As we know, recently Nvidia has officially announced that waives the market smartphone platforms . Thus neither monstrous Tegra K1, no other SoC company, at least in the near future, in their smartphones, we do not see. Then it was said that Nvidia will focus on gaming devices and automotive electronics.

Nvidia Tegra K1-1

The last two days have passed under the flag of Google I / O. We talked about a variety of platforms and projects search giant. As it turned out, one of the most important partners in some of them is just Nvidia.

First, the company has been trying to penetrate into the sphere of automotive electronics and not say that to no avail. For example, the much-talked-electric Tesla Model S in its on-board computer uses it platform Tegra. In addition, Nvidia is the only partner of the founders of the Alliance Open Automotive Alliance (OAA), involved in the creation of single-chip platforms. And it is this alliance has been developing the platform Android Auto .

Nvidia Tegra K1-2

Second, as shown again in the event the tablet Project Tango is also based on SoC Tegra K1. Although the first Snapdragon smartphone uses 800. Should also consider the fact that 64-bit modification Tegra K1, which, however, has not yet been submitted, must obtain a certain increase in performance thanks to its 64-bit systems in the new OS Android L .

Nvidia Tegra K1-3

And finally, as it turned out, the device Android TV for developers is based on SoC Tegra K1. And if you remember that one time in Qualcomm refused to release the latest Snapdragon platform 802 focused on the television, there may be such that it will be the main system Nvidia platforms when creating devices Android TV.

Nvidia Tegra K1-4

Furthermore, Epic Games at the event demonstrated possibilities of the Unreal Engine 4 in the new demo video, which was reproduced exactly on a system built on a platform Tegra K1. By the way, Android L will support DerictX 11.

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