Hard drive capacity of WD Red reached 6TB

| July 21, 2014
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WD, unit Western Digital, introduced new hard drives Series Red, for use in the home and office network storage.

WD Red-1

The line includes WD Red hard drives with a capacity of 5 and 6 TB. They are made in the form factor of 3.5 inches and equipped with Serial ATA 3.0 interface with a bandwidth of up to 6 Gbit / s.

Device WD Red use proprietary technology 3D Active Balance Plus, which significantly increases the overall performance of the drive and its reliability. In addition, exclusively for clients, round the clock free specialized support.

WD also announced wheels Red Pro, which are suitable for use in medium-sized or large enterprises. These drives can operate in systems with a large number of sections – from eight to sixteen. Improved structure and technology support NASware 3.0 provide “high performance and absolute reliability.” Capacity WD Red Pro is 4 terabytes.

WD Red-2

Hard Drive, allegedly designed taking into account the features of NAS-systems and tested for compatibility largest manufacturers of networked storage.

It is also noted that the line of silent and environmentally friendly WD Green drives will soon be expanded by new models with a capacity of 5 and 6 TB designed to work with large volumes of user information. In these devices, implemented a number of technologies designed to reduce power consumption, lower operating temperatures and noise levels, and improve reliability.

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