Autodesk Pteromys: Software for creating advanced paper airplanes

| August 11, 2014

If you still have not said goodbye to childhood and everything just like to fold paper airplanes, the specialists of Autodesk ready to take this hobby to a new technological level.

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Demonstrated during the annual conference on computer graphics SIGGRAPH 2014 software package Autodesk Pteromys will enable the user to make a reality of the most original and fantastic design airplanes from paper or cardboard. But the most important thing is that a homemade prototype aircraft by presenting software tool can get great aerodynamic performance, even if you do not lay in the design of the development. Of course, we are talking about quite a conditional parameter and its maximum value that will receive cardboard and paper model.

Autodesk Pteromys-3

What exactly are the Autodesk Pteromys? This, as noted above, a tool that allows you to optimize the graphical model for its compliance with the best (possible) aerodynamics, including the most favorable angle of attack for planning the paper model. The user is still only draw he liked the design in the software package Autodesk and click on Make it Fly.

Autodesk Pteromys-2

After the software independently optimizes the model by maximizing the time of its stay in the air. Another option is the ability to Pteromys give a command to a device with a laser cutter, which is feasible to collect himself, having at hand the 3D-printer, and get the output ready for assembly of the “paper boying.”

In fact, you can get to fly almost everything – from the fantasy dragon to prototype their own futuristic aircraft.

Autodesk Pteromys-4

If you move away from the topic of functionality and pay attention to the name chosen for the project – «Pteromys», which translates as “flying squirrel”, then we can find in it a hidden philosophical meaning. On the relevant question to the author of the project, why is this rodent has been chosen as symbols for software package, Nobuyuki Umetani (Nobuyuki Umetani) replied briefly and clearly: “Is not it obvious? It is a creation of nature, which, in theory, should not fly, but very successful doing it.”

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