Data from Google Analytics integrated into the panel publisher

| August 29, 2014

These service Google Analytics is now the default integrated in the panel of the publisher . Update is intended to facilitate access to information on the effectiveness of advertisements on the site and user behavior.

Google Publisher Toolbar

In addition to the elements to block unwanted ads and accurate information about the effectiveness of advertising on the site, the publisher panel now analyze the behavior of users by using Google Analytics.

Now, the publisher will be able to better understand the behavior of users and generate audience development strategy, given the demographics and traffic sources. In addition, with the help under “Google Analytics data for this page” publisher can figure out which sections of the pages are the most popular among users.

Get access to new data can be directly from the site when you view them in the browser Google Chrome. More information can be found in our Help Center.

In March 2014 Google has improved cooperation in the field of functional dynamic retargeting between the service and the AdWords system Google Analytics. From that moment on selling the company can track their stats are interested in Google Analytics and at the same time manage the settings of dynamic retargeting using a service for online shopping (Google Merchant Center).

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