Gamescom 2014: The Last Guardian demo again this year is not worth the wait

| August 15, 2014

The Last Guardian, the expected exclusive to the PlayStation 3, the news of which has not happened since 2009, did not appear at Gamescom. The head of Sony Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida said in an interview with Eurogamer, that this year it expected the demonstration is not worth including in the Tokyo Game Show. Asked by a journalist whether we will see the game on the Tokyo exhibition, Yoshida said: “I do not think so. Sorry”.

The Last Guardian

“We will show it, when we’re ready, – he continued. – I can not give an exact date because we are waiting for the moment when we are satisfied with the state of the game. Rough idea of the date of occurrence of this moment we have and the team struggled working on The Last Guardian, but now is not the time for its public display.”

With what this delay is related? “Technical problems with the PlayStation 3 seriously hurt us. In 2010, it seemed to us that everything is in order, so we called the release date of the end of 2011. It was our fault, but if we really thought that we will succeed. The game has since been completely redone, and the developers are really working on it, I saw the last fruits of their labors” – added Yoshida.

On the question of whether history will repeat with the Until Dawn, when the long forgotten exclusive for PS3 now create for PS4, Yoshida did not answer.

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