Gamescom 2014: SNOW ski simulator will appear on the PS4

| August 15, 2014

Alexander Bergendahl, CEO Poppermost Productions and the project manager SNOW, announced that the game will be released on the PlayStation 4.

The project is already available on the PC – October 10, 2013, he appeared in the early access Steam Early Access . Simulator skier, created on the engine CryEngine and supports virtual reality technology Oculus Rift, proved to be quite popular. According to the developers, the very success of the PC version allowed them to engage in the transfer of SNOW on the console.


Announced that the game will be on PS4 shareware. “Our goal is to create the world’s first free open world games dedicated to winter sports – a project that does not limit the users, allowing them to choose where and how to ride” – said Alexander Bergendal.

Who promised two modes. The first will allow players to skate freely and enjoy the mountain scenery. Second – to perform certain tasks and down in advance predetermined routes. While in the player’s arsenal are only skiing, but eventually plan to add snowboards and other sports equipment.

The release date is not yet known SNOW. Also not reported, are there any differences PS4-version of the PC version. Well, the most important question the authors while also not answered: Will there be a console version Support Project Morpheus?

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