Ninja Theory: “Hellblade – not a sequel or spiritual successor of Heavenly Sword”

| August 19, 2014

In a fantasy action movie Hellblade, which was announced at the conference as part of Sony Gamescom 2014 last week, it is easy to discern the characteristics of Heavenly Sword. But this is not a sequel to the long-suffering, and not even the ideological heir to the PS3-exclusive year 2007, say the developers at Ninja Theory.

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Judge the game on the cinematic trailer is not necessary, but hardly anyone would argue that armed with a huge blade heroine Hellblade Senua (Senua) very much like Kai – Nariko companion. It was she who, according to rumors , was to be the main protagonist of Heavenly Sword 2 and honed in Hell to save the soul of a friend. Obviously, with fighter seven years ago the game will be compared for a long time, but the developers are on his: this is not Heavenly Sword and look for the link between them is not necessary.

“This is a brand new intellectual property, – said in an interview with Eurogamer Manager Product Development Ninja Theory Dominique Matthews (Dominic Matthews). – Senua – a completely original character. One gamer ironically suggested, if we came up with the name Hellblade simply typing Heavenly Sword on and pointing into the first floor. We love Heavenly Sword and we got a lot of fun working on it. But again: the new game does not have relation to it. In Hellblade reflected our addiction to heroin and spectacular big swords. And yet we like hell. ”

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“I would not call Hellblade spiritual successor to the Heavenly Sword, since such a definition imposes on us certain obligations – continued Matthews. – Let’s just say, this game will appeal to all those who at one time loved Heavenly Sword and Enslaved: Odyssey to the West , and indeed all of our games. If we decided to do the ideological heir, we would have to keep the key elements of gameplay and level design and write a new history in the context of an existing scene. All components of the world Hellblade and gameplay it created from scratch. ”

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Sequels restrict developers, forcing them to make an effort to keep a given level of quality and meet the expectations of the audience. New intellectual property exempt them from these “inconveniences” and gives the opportunity to create without regard to past projects. In the case of Ninja Theory game for a new license allows you to create something akin to debut the project studio, but at the same time avoid the difficulties accompanying the development of the sequel.

Screenplay for Heavenly Sword 2 Britons wrote shortly after the game’s release, with already planned to turn it into a trilogy. Since the vast web regularly appeared rumors about the upcoming sequel, which were later joined by hints of Enslaved 2 . In 2012, it became clear that the second part of the series really was in development, and was engaged in its creation of the Cambridge office of Sony Computer Entertainment . However, for unknown reasons in 2008 curtailed the development, and to return to the series Ninja Theory does not intend to.

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Once the head Tameem Antoniades Ninja Theory (Tameem Antoniades) admitted that he was tired to make major AAA games and under pressure platform. Hellblade, as noted in the trailer, is an independent game. It develops a team of 12 people, and distribute the game studio will own. Initially it will be released only in the version for the PlayStation 4 , and then, perhaps, will appear on other platforms. The game is based Unreal Engine 4.

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