QwikFab presented one of the fastest of 3D-printers for business

| August 6, 2014

Printers for three-dimensional printing, perfected technically, both become more and more accessible to ordinary users and small organizations. And if before one of the major drawbacks of such devices has been slow creation of the model, such a formulation will look obviously out of place in relation to the draft Singaporean QwikFab.

Development, an aggressive name «Beast», is a widescreen 3D-printer with dual extruder and high speed printing. At least that’s what the authors characterize his project.

To understand what is really different “The Beast” from the models of competitors, it is necessary to consider the parameters of new items in more detail. This 3D-printer is ready for you to print objects rather large for such a device sizes. To understand the scope of the final product is best to replace the word “very” and “extremely” on specific dimensions, comparing them with the possibilities of the flagship of 3D-printers for business from third-party manufacturers.


In Beast forces to cope with the part having size parameters 300 × 300 × 600 mm, while the most expensive in the series printer from MakerBot – Replicator Z18 – can print to the size of 305 × 305 × 457 mm. In addition, the protagonist news are available for two of the extruder to “shoulders” which is the task of converting granular Consumables in a plastic thread for printing model.


If you examine the other characteristics, the index print speed with which the extruder extrudes plastic platform 3D-printer from QwikFab, can be up to 400 mm / c. For other devices, this value is usually less than 300 mm / sec. Often simple 3D-printers average print altogether at a rate of not more than 100 mm / c, but it is worth considering that a lot depends on the consumables and the complexity of the model itself.


As to the rest of the specifications, here it looks a bit easier than it might seem from the first few paragraphs. Print resolution is dressed in a polycarbonate shell QwikFab Beast is 100 microns, device control is implemented using a 32-bit microcontroller ARM Cortex-M3, and the stepper motor driver support microstepping mode, equal to 1/128. The printer also got patented developers a unique control system power. Proprietary software, according to the company’s engineers QwikFab, cope with any task set before.

The cost of new items will be $10 thousand. And its entry into the market is scheduled for September this year.

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