Extend the reach of your Product Listing Ads to qualified shoppers

| September 10, 2014

The search giant Google has begun to place ads for trade retail trade and e-commerce throughout its search network. Messages are published using the new product AdSense for Shopping, which offers retailers and e-commerce sites is another way to monetize traffic. For example, Walmart.com is part of the AdSense for Shopping.

Google’s search partners
Using Business campaign on search partners, Google will help to attract users who are looking or browsing products to retail and commercial resources in its search network.

Trade ads are close to context-relevant search results, user-defined search, category or product name.

For example, if a retailer sells via Google Shopping contact grill, and the user is looking for this setup online retailer partner, you will be able to see such product announcement:

Like text messages, trade ads on our search partners does not affect Quality Score on google.com.

AdSense for Shopping service is now used by a few retail and commercial publishers. However, since Google introduced the product to more business owners, the company expects that advertisers will choose search partners to increase traffic to their sites.

A week earlier, Household users of Google noted that the search engine started to implement a new multi-format ads AdSense. now under the AdSense ads displayed two laps. Click on a blank, the user navigates to the second page of ads.

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