Google AdWords ads increases the size of up to 120 characters

| September 8, 2014

The search giant Google has expanded the place to advertise products using AdWords. AdWords campaigns so far have been limited to 95 characters, but the expansion will add 25 characters to populate the text to promote them.

Google AdWords Callouts-1
Create rich ads and manage them can be on the “Ad extensions”.

Also there was the possibility of creating such an enhanced mobile ads. In turn, users will be able to block such ads. However, the refusal to accept the extension user can cause harm to the advertiser’s Ad Rank. Advanced ads have priority over common, and users do not take the update, may face a lack of information.

Director Portent search marketing Elizabeth Marsten (Elizabeth Marsten) said: “The good news is that you do not need to have a unique reference for each of the ads, and you can use the advertising space to better use” .

Google AdWords Callouts-2

Google representatives reported that the new feature works with other extensions AdWords.

“Extended ads work well in conjunction with reference to the site because, unlike the links, you do not need to have a unique landing page to refer to your text” , – says Jeremy Hull (Jeremy Hull), director of paid search in iProspect. – “You can use this extension to highlight the features of your brand” .

Currently, access to expanded ads limited and available Russian-speaking users, but over the next few weeks, this feature will be available to all users AdWords.

At the end of August 2014 Google AdWords has updated visual interface. As a result, design service has become more consistent with other business products of Google, such as AdSense and Google Analytics. This update – part of the ongoing process of improving the interface of AdWords, which makes it easier and more convenient to navigate and quick execution of tasks.

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