Google AdWords helps you use every character in mobile search ads to good use

| September 11, 2014

The Google AdWords team announced on the improvement of the form of ads for smartphones, which is designed to help consumers quickly and easily find the information you need. Starting from October 15, 2014, users can see the ad extension instead of the second line of text in mobile search ads.

Google AdWords

Displays ad extensions in a prominent position to provide customers with easier access to information about the business, its location and the products offered. Advertisers will be able to:

  • Recommended to allocate goods and services.
  • Provide useful and timely information on local attractions, including the address.
  • Refer clients to relevant pages on the site, for example, to your sales page or promotion.

As an example, consider the command AdWords offers business ads Flowers Forever. Prior to the upgrade, users who searched for “Flowers” on, saw an ad that shows the URL of the site, two lines of general information and a link to place orders.

After the upgrade, potential customers will be able to see the ad in one marker Google Maps, which shows the location of the flower shop, URL site, the abbreviated form of the announcement and online ordering.

Eliminating the second line of text ads, advertisers have found another way to involve customers. With just one click on their smartphones consumers can now interact with Flowers Forever in three ways: to visit the mobile version of the site, place an order or visit the store.

Representatives of Google AdWords also offer a few tips that will help leverage update:

  • Make sure that the most important information is in the first line of ad text for instant customer satisfaction. Text length should not exceed 35 characters.
  • Include all appropriate extensions to help consumers find information more quickly and increase the CTR.

Unsubscribe from the update will be available in October through the form on the website help center.

A few days earlier, Google has expanded the place to advertise products using AdWords. AdWords campaigns so far have been limited to 95 characters, but the expansion will add 25 characters to populate the text to promote them.

At the end of August 2014 Google AdWords has updated visual interface. As a result, design service has become more consistent with other business products of Google, such as AdSense and Google Analytics. This update – part of the ongoing process of improving the interface of AdWords, which makes it easier and more convenient to navigate and quick execution of tasks.

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