Google has improved the search box in search results

| September 8, 2014

The Google search engine has been enriched by a new and improved reference search box. Update is intended to facilitate user access to specific content by using the search pages on the site.

Google search engine

When users search for a company by name, for example, [Megadodo Publications] or [Dunder Mifflin], most likely, they are looking for something specific on this site. Previously, when the search algorithms recognize such a request, they display a large set of additional links and additional search box below this result.

Now, the search box is more prominent due to the placement of the link to the site, supports auto-complete, and if you are using the correct markup will send the user directly to the search page of the desired site.

For marking the site should have a working specific search engine. In implementing the markup on the site, users will be able to go directly to the search box on the links page of search results site.

In the absence of markup SERPs of Google for the relevant site will be the same.

The fact that is happening in the Google search engine between pressing the “Search” and the appearance of the results page, describes a specially created website “How the search”. Google users can look at the process from the inside, starting from crawling and indexing information from the network, up to the output data in the search results matching the query.

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