Google Penguin needs a speedy update

| September 11, 2014

Google spokesman John Mueller September 8 reported that Google is still working on a long-awaited update search algorithm Penguin. Last updated algorithm almost a year ago.

“We are working on updating the Penguin”, – said John Mueller.”I have no information about the exact date when this will happen … The team is working and trying to find a solution by which the update will be a little faster … We try not to disclose the terms in advance, because sometimes things can change.”

On the question of whether Penguin updated on a regular basis, as Panda, John Mueller said , “We are trying to speed up the process, because the webmasters fix these problems, but our algorithms do not reflect this in a reasonable time. It makes sense to try to increase the speed of our algorithms. ”

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To answer the question about the impact of the next update of John Mueller had difficulty: “It’s always difficult to say, the impact depends on the site. We are trying to find a balance to make sure that we are doing the right thing. But sometimes it does not happen as quickly as we would all like. ”

Almost a month ago, John Mueller said that in the near future will include an update on Penguin. This week’s expert also confirmed that the update really necessary for the recovery of the affected sites.

Feature search algorithm Google Penguin that webmasters can make any necessary changes to restore, but before the update algorithm that will not give any results.

Meanwhile optimizers and journalists have suggested that the 5 September Google launched the next algorithm update “Panda┬╗ (Panda). Information has not been officially confirmed.

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