IFA 2014: accessories of Alcatel have smartwatch and smartbook laptop

| September 8, 2014

In addition to the announcement of new smartphones and tablets Alcatel OneTouch presented and cheap smart watches (apparently as anonymous). Engadget referring to representatives of the company said that the cost of these hours must be as low as 100 euros in the European market, but it is not clear when and in which countries they are available.

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An attractive feature of watches round display is similar to the Motorola Moto 360 or LG G Watch R. Unfortunately, the product is running its own platform, rather than the standard operating system for wearable electronics Google Android Wear. Nevertheless, the clock may display a notification to play the role of a compass or fintes accessory, control music playback, the camera shutter on your smartphone, or to simply display the time.


Alcatel said that its energy efficient platform Android Wear, at least at this stage. Among the features of the device can be noted an optical sensor and a built-in heart rate strap USB-charger. Other technical details are not reported, but if the price of the device will be really at € 100 and it will be compatible with smartphones other companies, it is sure to be popular.


Alcatel OneTouch also continues to work on the dock SmartBook for smartphones, which allows you to turn them into a notebook similar to the Motorola Lapdock. The idea is that through the NFC, the user can connect your smartphone to a 11.6-inch device with a keyboard and touchpad. The physical connection is not necessary – the video is transmitted over Wi-Fi, and the keyboard and touchpad is connected via Bluetooth. Work on more SmartBook is conducted – if the output docking station will be held this year, it will cost about 180 euros.


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