IFA 2014: Acoustics SoundStage by Monster with wireless audiostreaming

| September 8, 2014

At the annual exhibition in Berlin company Monster introduced just three models of the new wireless speakers – the most compact and affordable version of the SoundStage S1, as well as more advanced SoundStage S2 and S3.

SoundStage by Monster-1

All three devices are allocated to the possibility of streaming audio broadcasting wirelessly using the Wi-Fi connectivity and Bluetooth. Announced lineup for its high quality sound thanks to the Pure Monster Sound, has a refined design and compact size is sufficient, and the top model – SoundStage S3 – got on top covered in genuine leather surface.

Musical Monster SoundStage systems as a remote control, you can use a smartphone or tablet computer. Proprietary software allows you to connect multiple devices SoundStage-in different parts of the house into a single system via Wi-Fi. This would enable all speakers at the same time to start playing the same composition with their sound settings for each column, or ask for a private room its own individual musical harmony.

SoundStage by Monster2-

As for broadcasting music over Bluetooth, you are a manufacturer focuses on the possibility of streaming via this wireless standard musical accompaniment with absolutely any mobile application. Simply put, all that is displayed on the built-in to your smartphone or tablet speakers, you can easily relay thanks to the “blue tooth” with the machine-audio on the settings specified in the model Monster SoundStage.

Software for mobile devices is a tool for audio controls, giving its owner the opportunity to remotely play, pause, switch tracks, playlists and adjust the equalizer, adjust volume and more. On acoustics, in turn, are also present some basic adjustments to relieve the listener from having to take on the mobile device. Single moment stands out the fact that developed for Monster SoundStage application has a built-in access to the largest online music service Spotify.

Shown in Berlin acoustic news from Monster have adopted wireless technology, broadcast media Qualcomm AllPlay, which, in essence, is a complete analog Apple AirPlay. All three models are equipped with at SoundStage classic analog 3.5mm audio input, and a digital optical input. On the back side of the case there was a place and the USB-port for charging a mobile phone. The differences between the columns S1 ​​/ S2 and S3 are not only design elements, but also more powerful speakers in the older models in conjunction with the best sound output characteristics.

In the sale to the American market represented SoundStage series goes from 25 October this year, while in Europe it will be a month later – in November. Cost SoundStage S1 / S2 / S3 respectively equal to $ 200 / $ 300 / $ 400.

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