IFA 2014: Intel officially unveiled the 4.5-watt chips Core M Broadwell

| September 7, 2014

During the IFA exhibition in Berlin in 2014, Intel finally held a presentation of the 14-nm processor architecture Broadwell, which consume up to 4.5 watts of power and, as a consequence, can be used in tablets and laptops that do not have active cooling. While desktop processors and chips for higher performance laptops with this architecture will not appear until 2015.

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According to Intel, the new processors allow the 50% increase in CPU performance and up to 40% – compared to the graphics chip Intel Core Haswell (in terms of performance per watt). It is interesting that Intel says its new 4.5-watt chips twice as fast as the 18-watt processors Core i5 2010 and provide 7 times better performance.

Intel Core M Broadwell-7

Why does the company compares with the new chips so old CPUs? Apparently, she hints that the owners of these laptops can think about changing their PC, not only in terms of compactness and runtime solutions based on Broadwell, but also in terms of performance.

Intel Core M Broadwell-8

The main purpose of Core M – thin (less than 9 mm) and light tablets and hybrid devices. Intel said that most likely less efficient processors Atom (like the popular Bay Trail) will be applied in the plates entry-level screens with diagonals around 8 inches, and Core M will form the basis of larger devices with screens of 9 inches and above.

Intel Core M Broadwell-9

Submitted three key versions of SoC Core M:

  • 2-core, 4-way Core M-5Y70 @ 1,1 GHz (Turbo-frequency – up to 2.6 GHz);
  • 2-core, 4-way Core M-5Y10a @ 800 MHz (Turbo-frequency – up to 2 GHz);
  • 2-core, 4-way Core M-5Y10 @ 800 MHz (Turbo-frequency – up to 2 GHz).

All single-chip systems are equipped with 4 MB of L3 cache and an integrated graphics processor, Intel HD Graphics 5300 with a base frequency of 100 MHz. The maximum frequency of the GPU chip Core M-5Y70 can reach 850 MHz, the other two – 800 MHz. All models work with RAM LPDDR3L @ 1600MHz.

Intel Core M Broadwell-10

Intel HD Graphics 5300 graphics standards support DirectX 11.2, OpenGL 4.2, OpenCL 2.0 and can play video at resolutions up to 3840 × 2160 at 24 frames / s. Supported and screens with a resolution of 4K – it does not mean that there will be such plates, but users will be able to connect external UltraHD-monitors. Among other features, we can mention support for wireless video transmission Intel WiDi technology and hardware video acceleration Quick Sync.

Intel Core M Broadwell-11

Intel promises that from October to the end of this year will enter the market, consumer and business PCs based on the new chips from at least five manufacturers (Acer, ASUS, Dell, HP, Lenovo and Toshiba). Just now preparing to enter the market 20 different systems based on Core M – part will be released in 2015. More powerful mobile processors Broadwell U will be announced in early 2015, and the first desktop chips – more later.

Intel Core M Broadwell-12

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