IFA 2014: A scattering of accessories for Microsoft Lumia smartphones

| September 8, 2014

Along with smartphones Lumia 730/735 and Lumia 830 Microsoft Devices division presented at the IFA 2014 in Berlin (Germany), a number of new accessories for its mobile devices.

Microsoft Lumia-1

In particular, the media adapter announced HD-10 is designed to output video from your smartphone Lumia on the TV screen or computer monitor. To connect the device to a large display interface is HDMI, and power is supplied through connector Micro-USB. In this case, the adapter communicates with a smartphone via wireless technology NFC. Compatible phones Lumia function design on the big screen and the products with the certification of Wi-Fi Miracast. Price HD-10 will be 79 euros.

Microsoft Lumia-2

Another novelty – panel for wireless charging DT-903. It supports standard Qi, as well as wireless Bluetooth LE. Built-in lights will inform owners of smartphones on missed calls, received SMS and emails. The station will be available in white, bright orange and bright green version at a price of 59 euros.

Microsoft Lumia-3

Owners of smartphones Lumia 735 will be able to purchase the panel CC-3086 with wireless charging. It is installed instead of the back cover of the cellular device, providing technology support Qi. Price – about 15 euros.

Microsoft Lumia-4

For Lumia 830 will be offered panel-CP-627 Case with wireless charging. This accessory attaches to the back of the phone, adding support for Qi. In this case, soft microfiber lining protects the screen and the machine keeps it clean. The price will be 25 euros.

Microsoft Lumia-5

Finally, the panel is presented for wireless charging T-601. This accessory round shape is powered by a USB-port. The price is 29 euros.

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