Samsung estimated its virtual reality helmet Gear VR at $199

| September 8, 2014

Not to be left on the sidelines and in the very beginning to get its share of the rapidly growing, is about ready to become a mass market prospects and feed the virtual reality helmets, a South Korean company Samsung has developed a response Oculus Rift and Sony Project Morpheus – gadget Samsung Gear VR.

Device capable of completely immerse the gamer into a colorful three-dimensional reality on a higher level of perception is, in fact, similar to the disassembled exploded Oculus Rift with some brand nuances. Thus, the role of the display in the helmet from Samsung is supposed to use announced during the exhibition IFA 2014 fableta Samsung Note 4 . This machine and its modifications Note Edge’s not only told in detail in the news, but also had time to acquaint readers with the profit model at IFA what is called “first-hand.”

Samsung Gear VR-1

The design of the helmet Samsung Gear VR developers provided the compartment where the user will be required to establish novelty smartphone with a 5.7-inch QHD-matrix type display and Super AMOLED. By the way, the team conducted a site iFixit instrumental examination Oculus Rift DK2 , parse the instance into its component parts, and found in it Super AMOLED Full HD-matrix display panel, and even a smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

Samsung Gear VR-2

Although demonstrated in the Berlin event sample Samsung Gear VR subject to improvement and should be brought to mind by the time-to-market, cost Samsung Gear VR has become known now.

Samsung Gear VR-3

Recall that on the issue of pricing its main competitor Gear VR – model from Oculus VR – founder of the latest Lucky Palmer (Palmer Luckey) said that the cost of the final commercial version of the helmet has a good chance to get into the range of $ 200 to $ 400.

Samsung Gear VR-4

Returning to a device for contemplation 3D-content from the South Korean company, Samsung announced the price for a set of Gear VR, which, of course, is not part of its key component – a smartphone Note 4 equals only $ 199. Given the fact that the mobile phone acting as a screen, will cost the buyer more at $ 800, the total cost of a set for playing games and watching videos in 3D format will reduce your budget is $ 1000.

Samsung Gear VR-5

In the UK, a set of Samsung Gear VR has become available for pre-order price of £ 150. However, the exact timing of deliveries gadget sellers have not yet specify. In the near future guide Samsung will announce the date of the start of sales of virtual reality helmet. If we believe the insider information, the appearance of Gear VR should be expected at the end of this year, while the consumer model Oculus Rift is unlikely to come even in the first half of 2015.

Samsung Gear VR-6

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