Google DeepMind will develop AI systems together with Oxford University

| October 26, 2014

Google has announced a partnership with the University of Oxford (Oxfordshire, UK), under which it is planned to develop advanced technologies of artificial intelligence (AI).

Google DeepMind

Research will be carried subdivision Google DeepMind. This company, we recall, the search giant acquired in January for an undisclosed sum (rumored $ 400-500 million). DeepMind engaged in “advanced artificial intelligence systems” as well as “general-purpose learning algorithms.”

It is noted that the work will be carried out in several ways: it is, in particular, the means of deep learning for understanding natural language and tools of visual recognition.

The partnership with the University of Oxford will allow Google DeepMind significantly accelerate the development of AI systems. From Google at the same time will make a “significant contribution” to the Technical Faculty and the Faculty of Computer Science, University of Oxford.

Add that not everyone sees only the positive aspects in the development of AI systems. For example, billionaire Elon Musk, founder of Tesla and SpaceX, believes that people do not realize how quickly progresses artificial intelligence and the threat it can conceal.

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