Fundamentally new computer system HP Machine can earn in 2016

| November 2, 2014

Martin Fink, head of the research division of HP Labs, outlined the expected timeframe for the emergence of the first prototypes of a fundamentally new computer system designed by Machine.

HP Machine-1
Recall that the initiative Machine Hewlett-Packard Company first told in June. The idea is to create a qualitatively new hardware and software architecture that will allow for many years ahead to meet the growing demand for computing power and data storage.

Mr. Fink said that modern computers can have more than 10 “layers” of data storage – from the CPU cache different level to the “slow” hard drives. This complicates the overall structure of the system and creates a bottleneck in the exchange of data (for example, when information is read from the hard disk into RAM).

HP Machine-2

One of the main differences Machine on modern computers will be the use of a new type of memory that can perform the functions of RAM and permanent storage. The basis of this memory will form memristor – the fourth passive element chips after resistors, capacitors and inductors. Observed in the memristor hysteresis phenomenon allows to use it as a memory. It is expected that the density of data storage drives based on the memristor is orders of magnitude higher than the values ‚Äč‚Äčtypical of modern devices.

According to Mr. Fink, the first prototype Machine will get up to 150 compute nodes and up to 157 petabytes of addressable memory. Already at the initial stage of such a system can provide a six-fold increase in productivity over conventional computer while reducing power consumption in the 80-fold!

HP Machine-3

In connection with the use of a new type of memory and a new processor nodes (clusters of specialized cores) and will require a new software environment. Mr. Fink said that HP is developing an operating system with a “clean slate”, named Carbon. The source code of this platform is planned to begin publishing next year. In addition, it creates an auxiliary platform based on Linux – the so-called Linux ++.

In general, the head of HP Labs, Machine prototypes can earn in 2016. However, commercial systems based on the new design will be only for ten years.

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